Rattlesnake infused tequila or tequila de vibora is a common drink in the Sonoran and Baja regions of Mexico. These regions of Mexico are generally dry semi arid climates where rattlesnakes abound. The rattlesnake and its ability to inflict severe harm on man creates a mystique that surrounds the animal in these regions. To drink the infused tequila purportedly will impart macho or powerful masculine qualities upon the person imbibing.

Our rattlesnake is named Pepe. Pepe arrived to us dead and gutted. We simply gave him a good rinse and then layed him to rest in the jar of Herradura silver tequila. The taste of this tequila is quite changed because of Pepe’s presence. You can taste the qualities of the snake in the tequila, and it is not a bad taste. The tequila is quite smooth. We believe that by introducing the rattlesnake to the tequila that we have taken the bite out of the tequila and created a beverage to be savored and enjoyed.


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