Transport yourself to old world Mexico by entering the valley’s most talked about restaurant, Agave. Through our combining of traditional Mexican flavors and some unique ingredients of our own we have created a menu unlike any other in the valley. Like the Mexican culture our menu is varied—covering the spectrum of seafood, meats and vegetables and gluten free in order to satisfy the most discerning and discriminating guests. All of our food is freshly prepared on the premises, much of it in traditional fashion with the occasional help of some modern conveniences. Be sure to observe our home made flour tortillas being prepared upon entering our restaurant. Our food will satisfy your palate and our infamous margaritas will encourage you to stay for music and dancing which begins on selected evenings at 10pm. Agave, is the valley’s best Mexican restaurant and night club. Agave is the natural continuation of the business model that began in Vail in 1996 with La Cantina. La Cantina located in the Vail Transportation Center has seen considerable success serving homemade Mexican food in a counter service type of setting. Yet, La Cantina is more of a café—casual and quick dinning at La Cantina is a good experience, but it lacks some of the finer touches of a dining experience. Therefore Agave evolved as our large destination restaurant. Agave has an old world Mexican feel in its décor with dark stained beams and talavera tile. The award winning margaritas set the tone from the start with a complete list to satisfy the varied tastes of our clientele. We make our own flour tortillas which you can see being made as you enter the restaurant. The dinner menu is all encompassing. Our menu has developed over the years with different influences from all the different people and different cook books that have impacted the restaurant. Maria Soto from Sonora influenced much of the menu which came over from La Cantina. Rick Bayless provided us with the tools to create many of the higher end dishes on the menu with such items as poblano infusions. Juan Cortez introduced Agave to enchiladas suizas and the vera cruz sauce. We have created a menu rich in Mexican tradition but with some modern twists to create some unique dishes we call our own. Agave is not tex mex nor Colorado mex cuisine. It is truly more of a traditional Mexican restaurant with some interesting menu twists. Our price point allows someone on a budget to eat affordably, yet we also have dishes with a sophistication that allows someone to venture into some palate profiles that they have never experienced. We have a kids menu, a vegetarian menu and a gluten free menu in addition to our regular lunch and dinner menus. If you still can’t satisfy your special diet or wants with these menus then let us know and we will find something that suits you.


1060 W Beaver Creek Blvd, Avon, CO 81620